We pride ourselves on the food & drink we serve.

Our juices & smoothies are made using 100% of the freshest natural fruits & vegetables, with nothing else added.

We exclusively use Illy coffee, widely regarded as the best espresso by connoisseurs world wide!

All of our food is made from fresh, locally sourced seasonal ingredients…


Illy Coffee

Illy Coffee

Excellence is a very close kin to passion. Passion for illy is the love which is always given to all actions to obtain the best results. It is all a matter of choice. The first step is to choose where those precious 100% Arabica quality beans are to come from. Then, that special way to harvest, select, blend and roast, in order to guarantee the consistency of the aroma and flavour which ensure the same coffee pleasure, time after time. So it’s all a matter of choice, which must always be the best.

Beechdean Ice Cream


Since 1989 Beechdean Dairies have been producing high quality Dairy Ice Cream which is always known for its 100% commitment, Beechdean is proud of its Farmhouse Ice Cream range which is free from artificial colourings, flavourings or additives, suitable for vegetarians and is gluten free.